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eTRaXC/My eTRaXC Testimonials

"Bob Schneider's CCLog has been a great tool for our team. It allows me as coach immediate real time access to each athlete's training log. Over the years I have used a number of different methods to help track an individual's training. CCLog is by far the best tool I have used. Our athletes love the program because it is quick and easy to use and is versatile enough for all distance events and all ability levels. "
Jim Stintzi
Unversity of Wisconsin (WI)

"CC Log is a great tool for me as a coach. I can go to 1 location and check the progress of my athletes and their training. They are motivated by the fact that I can see their mileage anytime and they can also check on each other. Also, the ability to communicate with individuals or the whole team from the same site is a tremendous time saver. It is easy to set up and use. I would recommend CC Log to any coach. "
Dave Wik
Monticello High School (MN)

" assistant coach with Andrew Myette at Patrick Henry HS in San Diego and I've been using your service (logging my mileage) for three years now. I love it so much that I've created my own club so I can get friends and family into running! Thanks for your wonderful service, Ruth :-) "
Ruth Castillo-Eggett
Team Ultra Marvelous

"CCLOG is a great tool that helps me keep track of my miles, and inspires me to run! -James Salerno"
James Salerno
Chatfield Gophers

"Really like the site. We are saving a ton of paper and I actually can easily compare athletes."
Josh Nordell
Unversity of LaVerne (CA)

"I share coaching duties for the Patrick Henry XC team in San Diego. We switched our training log to "minutes" instead of "miles" last summer. The change in focus helped our boys win the San Diego large school title and place 8th in the 2008 California State Meet. Nice to have the flexibility!"
Tom Sweet
Patrick Henry

"etraxc enables me to check our entire teams' training at a glance and the interactive features allow the coach to quickly glean information about all the team members training and other information in the comments section. For example, information like turned ankles, loose dogs on a favorite course, or races run are examples of information that the coach can quickly access that we could not with our old paper training logs. The cross country team members are usually online every day and can incorporate etraxc access in their daily routines. Once the athletes get familiar with the etraxc site they really enjoy putting their training info in each day. "
Jack Heath
Gloucester Catholic

"The CClog website proved to be an invaluable tool for communicating with the team, and it just keeps getting better. The ability to post announcements,send email, countdown calender to races, scrolling messages,training log.... I cannot imagine running our cross country program without it."
James Collier
Mena High School (AR)

"CClog provides the structure to setup a long term planning for our runners. In 23 years of coaching I've tried some many other methods of recording workouts but CClog is simply the best. It took about 15 minutes every Sunday to plan out and enter the next week's workouts for my summer running group (the stored workout feature is pretty nifty). The best feature is the daily email which tells me who ran what and who needs encouragement or other training suggestions. If you're unsure about using CClog, take my word that it will be the best money you have ever invested in your team's training!!! I liked it so much I started running again so I could use it. "
Tom Jimenez
West Salem High School (OR)

"Our team has used CCLog for 3 seasons now and the athletes, coaches and parents love it! The log book is wonderful but it is the ease of communication that makes this program such a stong tool. We use the parent's guest log in to keep the lines of communication open with the parents. They can look in the online file and find any information that I have handed out to the athletes and look at the meet schedules so they can know exactly when their son/daughter runs. Thank you CClog for a wonderful site and we look forward to the new things that are comming. "
Tony Einertson
Austin Public School (MN)

"This is a great system to quantify and analyze what is being accomplished and by whom. It is good for goal setting and for accountability. In the past I knew for many the mileage was put in but never for everyone. Now I know what everyone on my team of 40 did all summer and all season. "
Jonathan Zimmerman
Biola University (CA)

"We are loving the program and has really made my team more competitive and trained harder during the off season. It made them more accountable for summer training."
Nancy Smith
Northville High School (MI)

"After looking at several different online running log programs, we finally settled on CCLog. Aside from the ease of set up and facility of communicating with the whole team, the ability to hold runners accountable allowed them to develop a sense of ownership and control over their training and racing. Coaching became more cooperative with athletes contributing to their success due to increasing self-awareness. This alone makes CCLog invaluable and is why I highly recommend it. "
Andrew Myette
Patrick Henry High School (CA)

"eTRaXC has been a hit for our middle and long distance runners at Cedar Crest High School that past few years! Last spring, our 4 x 800M team won the Pennsylvania AAA championship in 7:43.64! We have eTRaXC to thank for some of that success. eTRaXC allows us to follow our athletes and see how they are responding to the training. We can increase training with some, while decreasing training with others. eTRaXC has helped our runners be successful! Rob Bare Cedar Crest Head Boys' T & F Coach Cedar Crest Asst XC Coach"
Coach Bare
Cedar Crest XC

"The cclog has been great, it has made my job as a coach easier and more effective. "
Mark Vandine
Lewis & Clark (WA)

"CCLog is a fantastic way for our athletes to communicate both in and out of season. The mileage log provides a vehicle for healthy competition because they can always see what the others are doing. The forum is great for posting important messages, meeting times, and for some good natured discussion. This log is great for team-building. "
Alex Holmgren

"I log everything on eTRaXC - mileage, races, even how many miles I've run on a pair of shoes. Running requires a lot of motivation, and being able to look back at how many miles I've run and how many times I've raced keeps me going. It gives me the drive to run when I don't feel like it. Without eTRaXC, my running ability could not have grown as much as it has."
Robert Kelley
Bear Creek

"eTRaXC really motivates me to run more miles than the rest of my team. Without it I wouldn't be nearly motivated enough to workout on my own."
Erik Peterson
Northville XC

"This site has been a great motivator for my team to work on their summer training. I am just now starting to use it in season and already it has been a great help in organization and record keeping. I use it all the time! "
Steve Cosner
Southern Garrett High School (MD)

"The CC log has been an outstanding way to keep track of my athletes. Honesty should rule, however, the watch never lies. I've been able to keep track of athletes training and make direct connections to their performances. CC log has evolved into a one stop shop for athletes and coaches. There ain't no gain without pain. CC log has made the training painless (at least for the coaches) Thanks. (Jim Guerci Pearl River High School Boys Cross Country Team) "
Jim Guerci
Pearl River High School (NY)

"I have been using this program for 3 years as a tool for mileage logs and workout schedules. It is a useful year 'round program and comes in handy during the down times when you don't see your athletes in the off-season. It also comes in handy if an athlete has a tendency to get ill/injured during the season, the charting makes it easy to see if this happens during high mileage times or during periods of rest. You can chart their progressions, log race times/splits, etc. The upgrade is wonderful and it has been a pleasure to watch the program continue to grow. "
Mary Tuff
Mills High School

"We've used CCLog2 to have our runners log their summer mileage and keep in touch. It's a great tool to build enthusiasm, and also to build commitment. It allow the athletes the freedom to run on their own and take family vacations, but also to log their mileage. The fact that it's internet based really works well with many youngster's interests. We feel it's been a key to our success in the past five years."
Tony Bozarth
Olathe East High School

"Incredible resource, I use this for tracking everything running related and it has served me extremely well over the past few years. "
Travis Cummings
Queens Alumni

"eTRaXC is an outstanding service for building and managing my team here at Biola University. Our current cross country roster includes athletes from eight different states and Canada! eTRaXC is in effect 'a home base' for our athletes and no matter what time zone or country they are from they can record their training and check in with their teammates."
Jonathan Zimmerman
Biola University

"In order to be successful, athletes have to be accountable for their workouts (pace, total distance / mileage, recovery, etc.). eTRaXC is a great tool to aid athletes in the accountability process. "
Paul Martin
Preston High

"I am a high school coach of 7 years. I began using eTraXC this past summer and can't believe the difference its made in our program. The athletes have a home base for communication and a renewed enthusiasm about keeping track of training. The historical record keeping that it allows is great. The site has unlimited possibilities for coaches. I love having all of my documents housed in one location, and the ability to share them with the athletes with the touch of a button."
Damian Smithhisler
Kapaun Mt. Carmel

"Your crew gets the highest accolades from Rowan University for solving the distance training log problem. You have continued to up date your product so that the coaches and athletes get feedback in a very efficient manner. You have been most creative in the features that you have developed for our use and enjoyment. I would have been satisfied if the log had remained as originally offered. However you have spoiled us all & we enjoy the 'bells and whistles' that you currently offer for year-round tracking of our training programs. I'm proud to be a part of a project that is continually evolving for the betterment of endurance athletes & their coaches."
Bill Fritz
Rowan University (NJ)

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